How do I find friends with good standards?
October 2019

“How do I find friends with good standards?” Liahona, October 2019

Questions & Answers

“How do I find friends with good standards?”

Kindness Is Key

Show them love and be kind. Show that you care about them and their happiness. If they do not show that they care for you and aren’t kind, you probably don’t want to pursue that friendship.

Madi B., age 15, Arizona, USA

Live Your Standards

Be an example of living your standards. And if you have friends who do not have the same standards, show them that they are special in the sight of God. Jesus loved everyone and taught them to follow His ways.

Bernard B., age 19, Palawan, Philippines

Share the Gospel

You can find new friends with good standards by going to teach with the missionaries. They know quite a few young people who need a friend in the Church.

Elder Quintanilla, age 20, Barbados Bridgetown Mission

Pray for Your Friends

I pray a lot to see if my friends are the right ones who can help me raise my standards and my testimony of Jesus Christ.

Imanol M., age 18, Chihuahua, Mexico

God Will Help You

I have found that if I go out of my way to look for the people that show Christ’s light, that has made all the difference. Heavenly Father knows your desires and if you do your part, then He will answer those prayers.

Olivia T., age 18, Utah, USA