Elder Stevenson Visits Chile

    “Elder Stevenson Visits Chile,” Liahona, October 2019

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    Elder Stevenson Visits Chile

    The Apostles travel around the world to minister to people and teach them about Jesus Christ.

    Elder Stevenson Visits Chile

    Elder Gary E. Stevenson and Sister Lesa Stevenson traveled with President Russell M. Nelson and Sister Wendy Nelson to Chile for a very important event. A new temple was being dedicated in the city of Concepción!

    This beautiful new temple is the second one to be built in Chile and the 18th temple in South America.

    Many earthquakes happen in Chile. The Concepción Chile Temple has a special foundation to keep it from being damaged if an earthquake hits.

    Laura and Alicia O. helped put the last stone in the outside of the temple. This is called the cornerstone of the temple. Then the temple was ready to be dedicated.

    Children came with their parents to hear President Nelson give a special prayer to dedicate the temple.

    Now worthy members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are able to go inside to be sealed to their families and serve by doing temple baptisms!

    Here’s what Elder Stevenson said about the dedication: