Dear Parents

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“Dear Parents,” Liahona, October 2019

Dear Parents

Liahona Magazine, 2019/10 Oct

One of the main messages of the New Testament is that we can find peace and joy in Christ, no matter what our life is like. This month’s magazine shares a similar testimony.

  • On page F4, a boy is comforted when he has bad dreams.

  • On page F8, a girl with Down syndrome is reminded that Heavenly Father loves her.

  • On page F15, a poster teaches that all things are possible with the help of Jesus Christ.

  • On page F20, Paul sets an example of faith.

As you read together, look for the ways Jesus and Heavenly Father helped the people in each story. You could underline the words that describe the challenges they faced. Then circle the words that describe what help they received. As a family, talk about how sometimes trials are taken away and other times we are made stronger to get through our trials. Either way, Jesus and Heavenly Father love us and are there for us!

We hope you have a joyful month,

The Friend