Jesus Loves Our Children

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“Jesus Loves Our Children,” Liahona, October 2019

Jesus Loves Our Children

Mentoring Children

I spend a lot of time thinking about children. I love the kids in my circle of family and friends. Additionally, my job with Church magazines involves creating and editing pages for children around the world. But a couple of years ago, I realized that I had never studied what the scriptures taught about children. So I decided to read the New Testament and Book of Mormon and pay extra attention to what I could learn about this special group.

It was a life-changing exercise! Among the many truths I discovered, the most valuable was an increased understanding of how much Jesus cares about children. He ministered to children as a specific group, set apart from others, over and over again. How can we follow His example?

My article on page 18 shares some of the lessons I gleaned from that scripture-study experience, combined with ideas and input from several experts in the field of abuse prevention.

Children are so precious. I hope we can work together to protect and empower them, treating them as Jesus would!

With love,

Marissa Widdison