In the Image of God
August 2019

“In the Image of God,” Liahona, August 2019

In the Image of God

The body. It’s an amazing thing, isn’t it? How many times have you heard someone say, “Hey, watch this!”? Whatever follows may be truly amazing or simply silly, but we’re constantly finding out what our bodies are capable of.

We were created in the image of God. How do we keep our bodies on the path to becoming like our Heavenly Parents? How do we avoid using our bodies in ways we shouldn’t?

Those questions are part of why this month’s youth and young adult sections focus on teaching about the body (see pages 42 and 50). This month we show how amazing, miraculous, and literally divine the body is. I hope these messages can be a useful resource for you and your family as you learn about the sacredness of the body.

On page 50, President Russell M. Nelson encourages us to master the appetites of our bodies and to remember that our bodies are not ends unto themselves. He teaches that our spirits bring life to our bodies and that it is our spirits that make choices. President Nelson’s prophetic counsel can be helpful for youth and adults alike.

I hope that President Nelson’s words and the other messages in this issue will help you feel faith when it comes to teaching about and understanding the marvelous gift that is our mortal body.

J. Ryan Jensen

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