Reflecting Your True Identity

    “Reflecting Your True Identity,” Liahona, August 2019

    Young Adults

    Reflecting Your True Identity

    young adult woman looking at her reflection

    Photograph by Mindy Selu

    What do you see when you look in the mirror?

    Do you pick out things you don’t like about your appearance? Do you beat yourself up for your mistakes or weaknesses? Do you see the face of someone who criticizes you staring back?

    Or do you see yourself as a child of God? Do you see someone who thinks positively and expresses gratitude no matter the circumstance? Do you see the face of someone who treats you with compassion?

    When we understand who we truly are, we can overcome self-criticism, perfectionism, and harmful cultural attitudes. We can stop focusing so much on our reflection in the mirror and instead seek to reflect the Light of Christ. In this issue, you’ll read about body image and come to a greater understanding of your own worth. I share some insights on body image from the truths found in the scriptures and the temple (see page 44). In a digital-only article, Sandra Vanessa expresses gratitude for her body through the painful but life-changing journey of having a baby.

    On page 48, Marcus shares his story of how he overcame negative self-image and how we can all recognize that we are indeed “good enough”—that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can overcome all things.

    As disciples of Christ, we can’t get tied up in the ever-changing philosophies of the world regarding health and appearance, nor should we take our commitment to good health to extremes. Remember, your worth doesn’t come from the size or shape of your body. Your worth is infinite, and it comes from God.


    Aspen Stander