Hello from South Korea!

    “Hello from South Korea!” Liahona, August 2019

    Hello from South Korea!

    Hello from South Korea

    We’re Margo and Paolo.

    Join us as we visit South Korea!

    South Korea is in East Asia. It has about 50 million people and almost 88,000 Church members.

    The Korean alphabet is called Hangul. Here’s a sign with the Church’s name in Hangul outside a Church building.

    Many Korean families shop at markets like this one, where they can buy fruits, vegetables, meat, and snacks from street vendors. One popular Korean food is bibimbap, a mixed rice dish.

    In Korea, it’s common to sit on the floor at home or in a restaurant. Many families study, play, and eat together at a table that’s low to the ground, like this.

    This family is visiting the Seoul Temple. It was dedicated in 1985 in South Korea’s capital city.

    Thanks for visiting South Korea with us. See you next time!