Dear Parents

    “Dear Parents,” Liahona, August 2019

    Dear Parents

    Dear Parents

    This month’s magazine teaches children about basic principles of the gospel (see Articles of Faith 1:4):

    • A girl learns to exercise her faith (pages F4–F5).

    • Paul gave us an example of repentance when he chose to follow Jesus (pages F20–F22).

    • A coloring page reminds us that our baptism is the chance to begin a new journey with Jesus (page F6).

    • President Eyring teaches us to open our hearts to the Holy Ghost (page F2).

    With your children, you could look for these principles as you read this month’s magazine. Perhaps you could circle or underline them every time you see them in a story. They would be great to talk about as a family!

    Stay faithful,

    The Friend