Show and Tell

    “Show and Tell,” Liahona, March 2019

    Show and Tell

    Show and Tell
    Primary children in Colombia

    We celebrated the anniversary of the Primary by putting on a talent show with the help of families and missionaries. Each family performed a story from the Book of Mormon.

    Primary activity, Cali Colombia Colima Stake

    girl from Ecuador

    My baptism was very special to me. I prayed with my mom that my dad would give me permission to be baptized. Heavenly Father answered my prayers, and my dad gave me permission. I was baptized, and I’m very happy to belong to the only true Church on the face of the earth, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My testimony grows every day as I learn more about my Heavenly Father.

    Amy V., age 9, El Oro, Ecuador

    boy from Zambia

    My younger brother and sister were fighting. I reminded them that Jesus taught us not to fight. It felt good to be a good example.

    Tequan K., age 10, Lusaka, Zambia

    Primary children in Spain

    We learned about the armor of God, the Articles of Faith, the leaders of the Church, the books in the Book of Mormon, and Lehi’s dream.

    Primary activity, Santiago Spain District