I Have So Much to Learn about the Priesthood

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“I Have So Much to Learn about the Priesthood,” Liahona, March 2019

I Have So Much to Learn about the Priesthood

As a young woman and later as a missionary, I remember wondering if certain verses in the scriptures applied to me as a female, especially those which referred to missionary work and priesthood. Now in my various Church callings and as a religion teacher, others have asked me similar questions about how the priesthood applies to them.

As I note in my article on page 34, Church leaders in the last few years have asked members to better understand the priesthood. President Russell M. Nelson voiced a concern that “too many of our brothers and sisters do not fully understand the concept of priesthood power and authority.”1

The saying is true that “information inspires inspiration.” As I have studied the priesthood and taught university students about it, I have not only come to realize how little I know but have also had my mind and heart opened to eternal truths regarding the priesthood.

I hope that as you learn more about the priesthood in this issue, you’ll come to understand that our Heavenly Parents desire to bless us with the priesthood and that latter-day prophets are pleading for us to take advantage of these privileges—perhaps especially those given to worthy men and women in the temple.


Barbara Morgan Gardner