Elder Uchtdorf Visits Russia
March 2019

“Elder Uchtdorf Visits Russia,” Liahona, March 2019

Apostles around the World

Elder Uchtdorf Visits Russia

The Apostles travel around the world to minister to people and teach them about Jesus Christ.

Elder Uchtdorf Visits Russia

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf and Sister Harriet Uchtdorf went to Russia to help Church members there. Before he was an Apostle, Elder Uchtdorf often flew as an airline captain into Russia.

Russia is a huge country, and it has never had a temple before. Last year President Nelson announced that a temple will be built there. Everyone is very excited!

First Elder Uchtdorf went to Moscow, the capital city of Russia. People there loved meeting him and hearing him teach. He said we can help others know about Jesus by serving them.

Next he went to a big city called St. Petersburg. In Russia, missionaries are called “volunteers,” and they look for people to help every day. They can teach people about the gospel only while they are inside a Church building. Elder Uchtdorf ate dinner with some of the volunteers who were finishing their missions and going home.

Although we don’t know yet where or when the new temple will be built, Elder Uchtdorf encouraged everyone in Russia to get their lives ready for the day when a temple will be there.

“Our hearts have to be ready for the temple.” —Elder Uchtdorf

Getting Ready for the Temple

What are some ways you can prepare to go to the temple someday?

Put a picture of the temple in your room.

Find someone in your family tree who hasn’t been baptized yet.

Talk about the temple with someone who has been inside.