Jason and Jackie Wong—Hong Kong, China

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“Jason and Jackie Wong—Hong Kong, China,” Liahona, March 2019

Portraits of Faith

Jason and Jackie Wong

Hong Kong, China

Views on gender roles can vary widely from culture to culture, but the challenge of becoming united as newlyweds seems to be universal. Jason and Jackie learned some important lessons as they worked together.

Leslie Nilsson, photographer

Hong Kong: Morning Routine


I’ve been a member my whole life, but after my mission, there were a couple of years when I was less active. I started reactivating myself two years ago. During this time, I met my wife, Jackie, at a young single adult conference a month after she got baptized. She changed my life because I felt that I needed to be a better example.

When we got married, I found out that even in a small home like ours, there is tons of stuff to do. You can’t imagine how much stuff! In the beginning, I wasn’t really helping out. I did some little things, but Jackie was doing most of the work. She is very caring and giving. One day she became upset, and I’m like, “What’s wrong?”

I grew up thinking that girls were supposed to do all the housework. I quickly learned that was not realistic. Jackie was very busy and under a lot of pressure with her job. While I’m under a lot of pressure too, I realized that I should start doing more to help.

I started sweeping the floors and washing dishes. Then I learned how to use the washing machine. I put notes on it to help me remember. Seriously! I have a sticker to help me know which washing powder to use. These things have now become my habit.

It’s been good since I started doing things in the house. It has made Jackie happier.


Being a newlywed has been a change. Honestly speaking, God is super important within our relationship. Without God, we might have broken up!


In the beginning of our marriage, I used to be on my phone using social media or checking emails. It was easy for me to get stuck in the phone or computer.

We realized that we needed to spend more time together. So now we do housework together. This helps us get it done, and we are able to be with each other.


We try to squeeze some time in the mornings to be together, but mornings can get busy.

We also try to take time in the evenings to talk about our day; then we pray and read the scriptures before we sleep. Living the gospel has blessed our marriage.

Hong Kong: Morning Routine

Jason and Jackie know it’s important to stay connected as spouses. They also know it’s essential to stay connected to God. Regular prayer has strengthened and blessed their marriage.

Hong Kong: Scripture Study

Despite their busy schedules, Jason and Jackie make sure they take time in the evenings to read the scriptures together.

Hong Kong: Morning Routine

After his mission, Jason was less active for a couple of years. While returning to Church activity, he met Jackie, a recent convert, at a young single adult conference. “She changed my life,” he says, “because I felt that I needed to be a better example.”