Reverence Is Love

    “Reverence Is Love,” Liahona, December 2018

    Reverence Is Love

    Liahona Magazine, 2018/12 Dec

    On Friday my teacher asked me to read a poem I wrote in front of all the students, teachers, and parents at our school assembly. I was really excited, so I said, “Yes!” But I was also really nervous about it.

    As I was sitting on the stage waiting to read my poem, my heart began to beat very fast. I felt very nervous about sharing something I had written with a lot of people.

    Then a thought came to my mind. I thought of how my family and I read from the Book of Mormon together in the mornings before school. The thought of reading the scriptures with my family made me think of Heavenly Father. I thought of how He loves me. I felt comforted and no longer alone. My heart wasn’t beating as fast, and I felt reverent.

    In the Children’s Songbook on page 31, the lyrics say,

    Rev’rence is more than just quietly sitting:

    It’s thinking of Father above,

    A feeling I get when I think of His blessings.

    I’m rev’rent, for rev’rence is love.

    When I’m rev’rent, it shows in my words and my deeds.

    The pathway to follow is clear.

    And when I am rev’rent, I know in my heart

    Heav’nly Father and Jesus are near.

    I am thankful that I felt Heavenly Father’s love when I was nervous at the assembly. And I am thankful to know that He loves me very much.

    I know that in difficult situations, I can choose to be reverent and think of God.