Brothers Who Light the World

    “Brothers Who Light the World,” Liahona, December 2018

    Shine Your Light

    Brothers Who Light the World

    Liahona Magazine, 2018/12 Dec

    Hi! We’re Hubert and Jayden. We live in a country called Ghana. Our city, Accra, is near the Atlantic Ocean. It also has a beautiful temple!

    Jayden: A Christmas Song

    My class at school had a nativity play, and I played the piano for the whole programme. I taught everyone to sing “O Holy Night.”

    Jayden: Teaching Neighbors

    I like to teach my neighbors when we are playing because I want to serve them. In Matthew 5:16, Jesus taught us to let our light shine. When I do this, I feel happy.

    Hubert: Helping the Hungry

    During break time at school, I see people who are hungry and have nothing to eat. I share my snack and help them feel better. After sharing, I feel happy.

    Hubert: Playing the Organ

    At church I play the organ for members to sing. When doing this, I feel happy.

    Let Us Light the World

    In the scriptures it says that Jesus is the Light and Life of the world. So let us light the world!

    Thank You for Sending Your Stars to the Liahona!

    This year you filled our sky with thousands of stars and stories of your loving service. Truly you have let your light shine!