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    “Our Page,” Liahona, December 2018

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    brothers drawings

    “I love Heavenly Father’s plan,” by Irreantum D. and “I want to share with everyone,” by Verlann T., Luzon, Philippines


    “The Lord’s Missionaries,” Emilio A., age 9, Formosa, Argentina

    Danna baptism

    Every birthday is special, but since I was little I have been preparing for my baptism. Now that I am baptized I feel very happy. I know my Heavenly Father is happy with me and loves me.

    Danna M., age 9, Chimaltenango, Guatemala

    Juan O.

    I was very happy to enter the waters of baptism and be confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit will be my faithful companion if I stay pure and obey the commandments. I know that God lives, that He loves us, that the Church is true, and that the Book of Mormon is true.

    Juan O., age 8, Cali, Colombia