“You Want Us to Do What?!”
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“You Want Us to Do What?!” Liahona, December 2018

“You Want Us to Do What?!”

Michael Magleby

Director of Curriculum Development

As the Church’s curriculum development team asked members to test the new Come, Follow Me curriculum for 2019, we heard this question repeatedly, along with comments like: “At first I thought, ‘This is crazy!’ I wasn’t sure it would work.” But these early concerns were gradually replaced by confirmation that “our scripture study changed completely” or “It works!”

Why do their experiences matter to you? Because the new curriculum is for you and your family in your home and not just for your teacher at church.

At the suggestion of the First Presidency, this month’s issue explores the principles behind this newest phase of Come, Follow Me curriculum—which comes on the heels of the revised youth curriculum introduced in 2013, Teaching in the Savior’s Way in 2016, and the Melchizedek Priesthood and Relief Society curriculum launched in 2018.

Beginning on page 20, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, who gave guidance to the curriculum-development work, provides insights that if applied can transform us in profound and eternal ways. It is not just a curriculum but an approach to daily gospel learning and living.

As I have watched prophets, seers, and revelators direct the development of this new home-centered, Church-supported curriculum, I have marveled at how it fits the Church’s movement toward a less-prescriptive approach to gospel living, inviting us to take greater responsibility for our personal spiritual growth. As we do so, I am convinced that we will receive greater light and truth and our capacity to follow Jesus Christ and forsake the evil one will increase (see D&C 93:29–40), bringing peace to our lives and goodness to the world.