Going Forward

“Going Forward,” Liahona, January 2016, 51

Going Forward

Have you thought about where you are headed and where you want to end up? The Mutual theme for 2016 is 2 Nephi 31:20, and this one verse gives you seven points of counsel about your direction in life. In it you will discover the divinely commanded direction, action, attitude, learning, and promised reward for your effort. Let’s look at some key words in this verse.

To press forward implies that you are being required to make a real effort against some opposing force. We have to put forth energy to live the gospel because we are surrounded by a world of opposition to the commandments of God.

Are you steadfast in Christ? Are you immovable in your loyalty to Him?

If you “abide in Him” (see John 15:4) and follow His teachings, then you are truly steadfast and blessings will surely come to you.

Your hope and love of God and man increase as you understand and feel God’s love personally. This understanding grows as you feast upon the words of Christ, that is, as you gratefully and purposefully apply the words of Christ to your personal life.

And finally, you must endure! Does that sound dreary and grinding? Actually, to endure can mean to continue on with the good you are doing—to be constant in your effort to press on. When you steadily stay on the gospel path, you are enduring.

Is it worth it? YES! Our loving Father in Heaven wants us to come back to Him, to have eternal life with Him because He knows that is where we will have true, lasting happiness and joy beyond what we can now imagine. That is why in 2 Nephi 31:20, He has spelled out so clearly and specifically what it takes to return to Him. We can do this with His help. He will always prepare the way for us to do what He commands.