Reading Better Every Day
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“Reading Better Every Day,” Liahona, January 2016, 68–69

Reading Better Every Day

The authors live in Utah, USA, and Bolivia.

Liahona Magazine, 2016/01 Jan

Joseph turned the page in his book. He frowned. He had two more pages to go.

“Are you OK?” Mama asked.

“I like to read,” Joseph said. “But I am so slow. How can I learn to read better?”

“I have an idea,” Mama said. “Read a chapter of the Book of Mormon every day. It will help you learn to read better.”

Joseph tried. At first it took him a long time. He had to sound out the long words. But he kept reading every day. Soon he could read more than one chapter.

Two weeks went by. Joseph’s bookmark moved from 1 Nephi to 2 Nephi. Then it was in the book of Jacob!

One night it was Joseph’s turn to give the lesson in family home evening.

“I know what to do!” Joseph thought. He found the Book of Mormon Stories book. It had words and pictures. He turned the pages until he found the perfect story.

Joseph read the story to his family. He read short words, like ship. He read long words, like commanded. Prophets wrote these words long ago. The words were easy to read.

When the story was over, Mama had tears in her eyes.

“Are you OK, Mama?” Joseph asked.

“Yes,” Mama said. “I’m happy. You have worked hard.”

Joseph smiled a big smile.

“I am reading every day, just like you said.” He showed Mama his Book of Mormon. His bookmark was in the book of Alma!

Someday Joseph’s bookmark would be at the end of the book. And then he could start over!