Faith Is a Choice
January 2016

“Faith Is a Choice,” Liahona, January 2016, 8

Doctrinal Highlight

Faith Is a Choice

Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, “Faith Is Not by Chance, but by Choice,” Liahona, Nov. 2015, 65.

woman at church

“Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is not something ethereal, floating loosely in the air. Faith does not fall upon us by chance or stay with us by birthright. It is, as the scriptures say, ‘substance … , the evidence of things not seen’ [Hebrews 11:1]. Faith emits a spiritual light, and that light is discernible. Faith in Jesus Christ is a gift from heaven that comes as we choose to believe and as we seek it and hold on to it. Your faith is either growing stronger or becoming weaker. Faith is a principle of power, important not only in this life but also in our progression beyond the veil. By the grace of Christ, we will one day be saved through faith on His name. The future of your faith is not by chance, but by choice.”