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“Our Space,” Liahona, January 2016, 58–59

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Receiving My Young Women Medallion

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Illustration by David Malan

I am so happy to have received my Young Womanhood Recognition. I am proud to say that I kept myself pure and clean and that I can wear my medallion with pride. “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies” (Proverbs 31:10).

The Young Women organization is wonderful. It helps young women progress and prepare themselves for marriage in the holy temple. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for this organization. By earning my medallion, I have completed one of the goals I set for my life, and I know that I can continue to do much good in the work of the Lord.

Katherine Moreno, Venezuela

Our Talents Can Make the World a Better Place

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With the help of my mother and sister, I painted this banner for the Relief Society sports festival held in our stake. My mother recommended me to the Relief Society president, who asked me to make their banner for them. I accepted their request and started to make rough sketches. Through the combined efforts of my family and me, we were able to create a beautiful work of art that represents the theme, “Find Nobility in Motherhood and Joy in Womanhood.”

I know that if we use our talents to serve other people, we not only bring them happiness but we also develop our own abilities. The Lord blesses those who use their gifts from Him to build up His kingdom. As the parable of the talents teaches, if we do not share our gifts with others, we lose those gifts (see Matthew 25:24–29). But if we use our talents for good, we can make the world a better place.

Vanessa Pamittan, Philippines

What You Can Learn from Duty to God

Actively participating in the activities in Fulfilling My Duty to God requires your whole heart, dedication, strength, and more than anything, faith. Duty to God is truly inspired.

As a young man, you can learn marvelous things that you can apply throughout the rest of your life by completing the goals in Duty to God: spiritual, temporal, physical, and much more.

I can say that it’s well worth the effort to dedicate yourself to completing these goals. I have learned to be a better man, I’ve grown in my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I have better prepared myself to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood. It’s gratifying to know that I will be able to be a good example to my future children one day because I have accomplished this wonderful, significant goal.

Jonathan Argüello, Venezuela

A Mission Was Better Than Expected

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Illustration by David Malan

As a young man, I looked forward to the day when I would serve a full-time mission. When I finally entered the mission field, I discovered that missionary service was not what I had expected—it was better. It was harder than I thought, but the satisfaction that came from doing what the Lord asked of me was indescribable.

Never before had I experienced the joy of helping someone attend church. Never before had I felt the thrill of hearing someone say, “Sure, come on in” so that they could hear the restored gospel. Never before had I sensed the reality of the power that came as we declared repentance. Never before had I prayed with such real intent. Never before had an hour of scripture study gone by so fast. Never before had I been brought to tears by the realization of my imperfections. Never before had I experienced the devastation that comes with the words, “Elders, please don’t come by my house anymore.” Never before had I gotten a blister on my foot the size of my thumb. Never before had I felt so protected. Never before had I felt so much responsibility for my actions because I wore the name “Jesus Christ” on my chest.

Never before had I been so close to my Heavenly Father as I came to be during my full-time mission.

Nahuel Cabranes, Peru