Hastening the Work of Salvation
July 2014

“Hastening the Work of Salvation,” Liahona, July 2014, 9

Hastening the Work of Salvation

Some of the most important topics are addressed by more than one general conference speaker. Here is what three speakers said about hastening the work of salvation:

  • “No matter how good your [missionary] message is, you may not get a chance to deliver it without consistent, persistent follow-up.”1 —Elder M. Russell Ballard. Learn more about Elder Ballard’s invitation at lds.org/go/ballard714.

  • “The Gilbert Arizona Temple … became the 142nd operating temple. … When all the previously announced temples are completed, we will have 170 operating temples throughout the world.”2 —President Thomas S. Monson. Learn more at lds.org/go/monson714.

  • “We are to ‘lay aside the things of [the] world, … cleave unto [our] covenants’ [D&C 25:10, 13], and come unto Christ and follow Him. That’s what disciples do!”3 —Linda K. Burton. Watch Sister Burton’s address at lds.org/go/burton714.


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