I Can Keep My Baptismal Covenant
July 2014

“I Can Keep My Baptismal Covenant,” Liahona, July 2014, 71

I Can Keep My Baptismal Covenant

To make a movie about your baptismal covenant, cut out the frame and picture strips. Glue or tape the two picture strips together into one long strip (overlap A and B). Glue or tape the frame and picture strip to heavy paper. Cut along the broken lines on the frame to make two slits. Slide the picture strip through the slots so the pictures show on the front of the frame.

I Can Keep My Baptismal Covenant

When I am baptized, I make promises to Heavenly Father.

I promise to keep the commandments.

I promise to remember Jesus Christ and to try to be like Him.

When I take the sacrament, I will remember my promises to Heavenly Father.

When I keep my baptismal covenant, Heavenly Father promises that I will have the Holy Ghost to guide me.