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“On the Web,” Liahona, June 2012, 78

On the Web

Improved Site Helps Young Men Fulfill Their Duty to God

The Duty to God website (DutytoGod.lds.org) has been updated and is now an interactive online tool that more effectively helps young men create, track, and save their progress in the Duty to God program.

Deacons, teachers, and priests can now view the entire Fulfilling My Duty to God: For Aaronic Priesthood Holders booklet online in 50 languages, and by signing in with their LDS Account, they can create journal entries to chronicle their advancement through the program. The complete online booklet also includes all of the learning activities and links to scriptures and other resources.

Youth Site to Expand Free Music Offerings

The music section of youth.lds.org is expanding its offerings of free, downloadable music with songs by more contemporary artists from past Especially for Youth (EFY) media. The additions began in February, and a total of 30 songs will be added at the rate of one per week.

The site is available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, and plans are in the works to provide more songs in Portuguese and Spanish. Currently, one song on the site—Jenny Phillips’s “Strong and Courageous”—is available in Portuguese and Spanish.