Dana’s Blessing

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“Dana’s Blessing,” Liahona, June 2012, 70–71

Dana’s Blessing

  1. Dana was born with a hole in her lips and inside her mouth. She had already had four operations to try to fix it. Today Dana and her parents had an appointment with the doctor to talk about another operation.

    During the operation, we will take part of the bone from your hip to use in your mouth.

  2. Dana was worried about what would happen after the operation.

    Can I still drink chocolate milk?

    When your mouth heals, you can have all the chocolate milk you want.

  3. The night before the operation, Dana’s dad and uncle gave her a priesthood blessing. Uncle Hyrum anointed Dana with consecrated oil. Then Daddy said the blessing.

    I bless you that your body will be strong and will heal quickly after the operation. Remember that your parents and your Heavenly Father love you very much.

  4. The next morning Mommy and Daddy took Dana to the hospital.

  5. The nurse came to take Dana to the operating room. Dana gave Mommy a hug.

    I love you, Dana.

    Don’t worry, Mommy. I’m not afraid. Daddy gave me a blessing.

  6. After the operation Dana was all right. She was glad that Daddy could give her a special blessing to help her feel better.

Illustrations by Scott Peck