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“Comment,” Liahona, June 2012, 79


In the Language That Our Mothers Spoke to Us

I appreciated the article “To Every Tongue and People” by Lia McClanahan in the October 2011 Liahona. It reminded me what a special blessing it is to be able to study the words of God in the same language that our mothers spoke to us. This article also provided me with an opportunity to share the gospel and my love for the Book of Mormon with a dear friend of mine in Slovenia. Thank you!

Alan Embree, Italy

Strength amid My Trials

Amid my trials, I have found strength in the testimonies, experiences, and the messages that I find in the Liahona. Each month when we receive the magazine, my husband and I read the First Presidency Message for family home evening. We share our comments and what we have learned. I know that Heavenly Father loves me. He answers my prayers. I know that He listens to me.

Martita de Hernandez, El Salvador