Family Home Evening Ideas

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“Family Home Evening Ideas,” Liahona, June 2012, 79

Family Home Evening Ideas

This issue contains articles and activities that could be used for family home evening. The following are some examples.

“Fasting Strengthens Us Spiritually and Temporally,” page 10: Read the article, sharing the points illustrated on the second page. Point out that fasting includes more than going without food—it should be accompanied by prayer, testimony bearing, and fast offerings. You may wish to ask family members how they have been blessed by fasting. Also consider sharing the Old Testament account found in Esther 4.

“Acting On Promptings,” page 20: Read or summarize the sidebar “Eight Purposes of Revelation.” Then read the stories in the article one at a time and discuss the purpose of the revelation in the story. Encourage family members to pay attention this week to when and how they feel the Spirit. You may want to follow up the next week to discuss what they learned.

“Where Will My Choices Lead?” page 56: Read or summarize the story; then read President Boyd K. Packer’s quote. Remind family members that if they have made mistakes, they can choose to change.

“The Little League Lesson,” page 68: You may want to start by singing “Families Can Be Together Forever” (Children’s Songbook, 188). Read the story as a family. Why is it important for us to show support for our family members? How can your family be more supportive of one another?

Love and Light at Family Home Evening

When I was a recent convert and living in Colombia, a very special family from my ward invited me to family home evening. It was the first time I had attended home evening, and the spirit of love and faith I found there surprised me.

Once everyone had gathered together, we had a prayer and then shared what we had done during the past week. After we talked, we had an activity.

With the lights turned off, we wrote certain phrases onto colored paper hearts. When we had all finished, we turned on the lights and displayed what we’d written. Some had done not so well, some terribly, and others like me wrote with much difficulty; I think my writing was the worst of all. Of course, the lesson was very clear: when we don’t have the light of the gospel in our lives, everything looks dark, is distorted, and difficult.

This lesson reached me deeply. And in the years since that day, I have tried to ensure my life has taken a course filled with gospel light especially so that I can be an example to my children.

Dina del Pilar Maestre, California, USA