Seven Sisters Shine Their Light in the Mission Field

“Seven Sisters Shine Their Light in the Mission Field,” Liahona, Dec. 2011, 76

Seven Sisters Shine Their Light in the Mission Field

Pleiades, or the Seven Sisters, is a constellation of seven stars that are so far away their light needs 350 years to reach the earth.

Ranging in age from their early twenties to late thirties, seven sisters from Mexico are letting their light shine in their family and in the mission field as they share the gospel with people in five countries.

Marisol (Chile Osorno), Antonia (Argentina Resistencia), Daniela (Costa Rica San José), Florencia (Honduras Comayaguela), Verónica (Chile Santiago East), Anai (Guatemala City North), and Balbina Nava Aguilar (Argentina Bahía Blanca) are concurrently serving missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The sisters’ first contact with LDS missionaries was when they began attending free English classes at a local chapel. In 2006 they—along with another sister and their brother—were baptized. Their parents, Albino Nava and Isidra Aguilar, who had joined the Church three decades earlier, came back into full activity at that time.

Sister Aguilar said she can see the good that has come of sending her seven daughters on missions.

“They are in the Lord’s hands, working, preaching His gospel to bring more souls [to Him],” she said.

“I love this gospel and I know that the work changes lives,” Florencia said. “It changed mine, and it will change the lives of those I teach.”

The sisters begin returning home at the end of 2011.

These seven siblings from Mexico City are simultaneously serving full-time missions in different parts of the world.

Photograph courtesy of Anai Nava