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    “Our Page,” Liahona, Dec. 2011, 62

    Our Page

    Angie D., age 11, Peru

    Ariana A., age 9, Brazil

    The Birth of Jesus, by Angeles R., age 10, Bolivia

    Rebecca A., age 7, Venezuela

    One Christmas I gave several pass-along cards to my friends and teachers at school. In January a teacher I had given a card to told me she had called the number on the card and received a Christmas DVD. She watched it and liked it very much. I think the pass-along cards are special. When I give them out, I can feel the Spirit. It makes me happy to share the gospel. I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves all of us.

    Raiane R., age 11, Brazil

    Drawings from children’s international art exhibit; photograph of Salt Lake Temple by John Telford