December 2011

“Comment,” Liahona, Dec. 2011, 79


I Was Overcome with Gratitude

Latter-day Saint Voices is always one of the first articles I turn to when my magazine arrives each month. Such was the case when I read “You Were the Angels” (Liahona, Dec. 2010, 38). It struck me with great spiritual power, and I was overcome with gratitude for the mission of our Savior and for those who serve so selflessly in His name. I am profoundly grateful to Heidi Windish Fernandez for sharing her amazing experience.

Larry D. Kump, West Virginia, USA

Liahona Makes a Difference

The messages of the Liahona have always supported me as a person, father, husband, and leader, and the general conference issues bring a special spirit into our home. I always order separate conference issues for myself, my wife, and each of my sons so we can read and mark the messages as we wish and so we don’t have to take turns with the magazine. At the end of the year we bind the magazines and give any extras to less-active or nonmember friends. I testify that the Liahona makes a difference in our lives.

Fabio Allegretti Cooper, Brazil