A Different Kind of Christmas Tree

“A Different Kind of Christmas Tree,” Liahona, Dec. 2011, 70–71

A Different Kind of Christmas Tree

“Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me” (Matthew 11:29).

  1. Carlos was excited for Christmas. This year there was something different in his home. A large tree made of shiny green paper was attached to the door.

    Mom, why is there a tree on the door?

    We’re going to do something a little different for Christmas this year.

  2. Carlos wondered what would be different. His sister, Araceli, and his little brother, Diego, wondered too.

  3. I made these paper ornaments for the tree. Each day we will write something about Jesus Christ on an ornament and then put it on the tree. By Christmas Eve, the whole tree will be covered!

  4. Carlos liked that idea. Araceli ran to the ornaments and grabbed a red pencil.

    Jesus was baptized.

  5. That’s a good one. Can I write that Jesus did many miracles?

    That would be perfect. You both have great ideas!

  6. Every night after dinner, Araceli and Carlos made another ornament and put it on the tree. Diego helped by telling them that he loves Jesus.

  7. When it was hard to think of more ideas, they looked in the scriptures. Carlos didn’t know there were so many verses about Jesus!

  8. On Christmas Eve the whole family sang songs and read the ornaments they had put on the tree. Carlos was happy he knew so much about Jesus. He knew he was ready for Christmas this year.

Illustrations by Scott Peck