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“More Online,” Liahona, Dec. 2011, 3

More Online


For Adults

The Perpetual Education Fund has thrived since President Gordon B. Hinckley announced it 10 years ago (see page 28). To read more success stories, learn how to obtain a PEF loan, or contribute to the fund, visit pef.lds.org.

For Youth

Read how the Kyiv Ukraine Temple has strengthened families (see page 24) and watch how the youth cultural celebration that took place before the temple was dedicated strengthened the testimonies of the teens involved. Watch the inspiring video at youth.lds.org (search for “Kyiv Ukraine Temple”).

For Children

Enjoy the Christmas stories on pages 64, 66, and 70. Then watch a video of the first Christmas based on Luke 2. Visit lds.org/new-testament-videos.

In Your Language

The Liahona and other Church materials are available in many languages at www.languages.lds.org.