Family Home Evening Ideas

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“Family Home Evening Ideas,” Liahona, Jan. 2010, 79

Family Home Evening Ideas

This issue contains articles and activities that could be used for family home evening. The following are a few examples.

“Making Mountains,” p. 32: This article compares overcoming challenges with climbing a mountain. You might be able to create an activity, such as climbing a hill or some stairs, that would help family members remember and apply the principle.

“Aided by the Spirit,” p. 44: After you read this article together, family members could share experiences when they have been blessed by following the promptings of the Spirit.

“Praying for an Answer,” p. 56: Using the article as an introduction, you could invite your family to share experiences they have had in receiving answers to prayer.

“The Candy Ball,” p. 62: One way to help little children be more attentive during family home evening is to vary your voice and use facial expressions when telling stories (see Teaching, No Greater Call, 181). You might find this a useful technique in reading or retelling “The Candy Ball” to young children.

“I Will Be Found of You,” p. 80: A fun activity could be to play hide-and-seek as a family, and then relate the game to the promise found in Jeremiah 29:13: “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”