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“Our Page,” Liahona, Jan. 2010, 68–69

Our Page

Primary children in the Tlaxcallan Ward, Chiautempan Mexico Stake, set apart two days to visit and serve widowed sisters and other families in the ward. They sang hymns, helped feed the chickens, and did housework in some of the homes.

In November 2008 in Brazil, there was a flood with rain and landslides. At school we got a flyer asking for donations. I donated a sack of items along with a toy fire truck and two toy police cars.

Inacio F., age 4, Brazil

I like to help one of my classmates at school. His name is Alessandro, and he needs a lot of help. Our teachers are very close to him because of his needs, and I help him do the things the teachers ask us to do.

Martina Z., age 7, Italy

Andrés O., age 9, Costa Rica

We feel happy when we can sing Primary songs in church with our mother. Singing songs helps people feel the Spirit, and sacrament meeting goes much better when the Spirit is with us.

Sephora B., age 8, and Sariah B., age 10, Guadeloupe

Caring Cousin

My cousin was taken to the hospital because he had severe stomach pain. He had to get lots of tests done. I wrote him a letter and told him to be brave and that I would pray for him. I also packed a good book and a treat, which we took to the hospital. When we left, I had a very good feeling inside. I know if we do kind things for others it makes us feel good and it makes Heavenly Father happy.

Jake S., age 7, Alberta, Canada

A Timely Return

We were swimming in the pool at a hotel and found a pocket watch at the bottom of the pool. We asked a lot of people if the watch belonged to them. They all said no. At the end of the day, we felt like we should go to the pool one more time with the watch. There was a family in the pool. We asked if the watch was theirs. They said it was, and they had been looking for it all week. It belonged to their dad, and it cost a lot of money. I’m glad we listened to the Holy Ghost so the watch could be returned.

Huntley, Sarabeth, and Caelin C., ages 10, 9, and 7, California, USA

Illustration of watch by Joe Flores