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“More Online,” Liahona, Jan. 2010, 3

More Online


For Adults

The mountains of Yushan National Park in Taiwan inspired the article “Making Mountains,” page 32. To view more photos of the park, visit www.liahona.lds.org.

If you enjoy reading “Serving in the Church” on page 13 of this issue, you can find more training and resources (in English) for your calling at www.lds.org. Click on “Serving in the Church.”

For Young Adults

“The Best Is Yet to Be” (see page 16) is based on a devotional address given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland last January. To read the full text of the address in English, visit http://speeches.byu.edu.

For Youth

This issue announces the new Mutual theme. To view the New Year’s celebration of that theme, visit www.abrandnewyear.lds.org.

Take a look at the Poster on page 52, and then visit www.newera.lds.org to view past Posters (in English).

In “Timely Even Today” (see page 46), the author teaches a few lessons we can learn from the Old Testament. To read the Old Testament and other scriptures online, visit www.languages.lds.org.

For Children

Kate visited the Salt Lake Temple on Temple Square (see “The Salt Lake Temple,” page 60). To see a video of her visit, go to www.friend.lds.org.

Also go to www.friend.lds.org to hear stories, play games, and do other fun activities (in English).

In Your Language

To find your country’s Church Web site, visit www.languages.lds.org.