Sharing the Book of Mormon
April 1997

“Sharing the Book of Mormon,” Liahona, Apr. 1997, 31

Sharing the Book of Mormon

One of my neighbors who is a member of the Church gave copies of the Book of Mormon to three families in our neighborhood in Argentina. I lived across the street and did not receive one of the copies, but I watched as the families learned about the gospel from the missionaries. My sister Sandra’s boyfriend was one of those listening to the discussions, and he invited her to join them.

They were all invited to attend church one Sunday, and Sandra invited me. I never imagined that accepting an invitation to attend church would completely change my life. From the moment I entered the meetinghouse, I felt a wonderful sense of belonging.

I met the missionaries and made arrangements to take the discussions. My parents wouldn’t let the missionaries into our home, so I was taught at the meetinghouse. After much prayer and fasting, I was baptized on 21 January 1990. Two weeks later, Sandra and her boyfriend were also baptized.

I feel I would never have accepted the Church if it were not for the efforts of this member family in giving away those copies of the Book of Mormon. I am eternally grateful to the Lord that I have such obedient neighbors who were willing to share their riches, the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I have kept track of how many baptisms have occurred because of those three copies of the Book of Mormon. There were 16 baptisms on our block, and now my sister Sandra and I are serving full-time missions. My mother, who was totally opposed to the Church at first, was baptized during my mission and is now the Relief Society president in our branch.

My neighbor gave me the knowledge that I needed to return to my Heavenly Father. We must give this same opportunity to everyone. I know this is the only true church, but others don’t know this. We must share the Book of Mormon with everyone.

Illustrated by Douglas M. Fryer