Peace in Obedience
April 1997

“Peace in Obedience,” Liahona, Apr. 1997, 7

Peace in Obedience

(Adapted from an October 1991 general conference address.)

One day I received a phone call from my grandson Joel. He had been invited to go with a group of schoolmates to Sea Camp in San Diego, California. There would be behind-the-scenes experiences at Sea World—watching the trainers and helping to feed the sea animals. His dilemma was that the camp would be on a weekend, with scuba diving and beach exploring on Sunday.

His parents had not wanted him to go but had allowed him to make his own choice. He had assured them that although he couldn’t attend church on Sunday, he would not swim. He said, “I can sit on the beach and be surrounded by God’s creations. Heavenly Father couldn’t feel bad about that, could he?”

Joel wanted to know what I thought he should do. I answered with a question: “Joel, what do you think Jesus would want you to do?”

His voice was a little choked up as he answered, “Grandpa, I don’t think he would be very happy with me if I do that on Sunday.”

And he decided not to go. It hadn’t been an easy decision to make, but it was the right one.

We all have many difficult choices to make. There are many exciting things that, if we choose to do them, will lead us away from Christ. The movies and videos we choose to watch, the fun times we seek, the music we listen to, the clothes we wear, and the things we say are all influenced by the strength of our desire to follow Christ.

In making our decisions, we may feel it is too hard to be left out or to miss out on what the world thinks is OK. When we do follow Christ, however, we will feel the peace and assurance that comes from making right choices. He will provide the courage necessary for those times when we have to stand alone.

Illustrated by Adair Payne