I find it hard to get along with my parents. How can I improve our relationship?
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“I find it hard to get along with my parents. How can I improve our relationship?” For the Strength of Youth, June 2021, 30–31.

Questions and Answers

“I find it hard to get along with my parents. How can I improve our relationship?”

Start Small and Simple

Young Woman

“Express your love to them through actions. Pray together during mealtimes. Help them with chores. Pray for them. Our parents will always be our parents, and we will always be their children. Learn to respect them and be obedient. It is never too late to improve your relationship with them.”

Nikki F., 20, Mindanao, Philippines

Be Kind

Young Man

“Try to find out what your parents like. One thing that always works for me is to host a family game night. If you try to be a bit more kind, and listen more often, you’ll be able to repair relationships.”

William S., 12, Virginia, USA

Try New Things Together

Young Woman

“I would try to find things that I have in common with my parents, such as music, sports, or cooking, and then look for opportunities to do those things together. It can also be fun to have a go at each other’s hobbies and interests.”

Eve D., 16, Wales, United Kingdom


Young Man

“Something you can do is listen to your parents’ counsel and obey their rules. Sometimes we may think that we are right, but our parents’ counsel can be beneficial in the end. It is also one of the Ten Commandments to “honour thy father and thy mother” (Exodus 20:12). We grow closer to our Heavenly Father and our parents by obeying this commandment.”

Seth S., 14, Oregon, USA

Family Scripture Study

Young Woman

“It can be improved by simple things such as family prayers and studying Come, Follow Me together. This will make you more united and you will feel the companionship of the Spirit. As you learn together, family ties will be strengthened. You will gain a testimony that families are eternal and important.”

Fátima S., 16, Piura, Peru

Act out of Love

“It’s never a bad idea to do some chores without them telling you to do them. If there is something that your parents are frustrated about, like spending too much time on an electronic device. Let them know you care about their opinion by trying to limit the time on the device. Show them that you care by spending time with them. Your parents will trust you more and you will get along with them better.”

Justice C., 18, Utah, USA