The Prophet’s Words Are True
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“The Prophet’s Words Are True,” For the Strength of Youth, June 2021, 24–25.

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The Prophet’s Words Are True

Doctrine and Covenants 67

Youth Magazine, Global 2021/06 Jun

By the fall of 1831, the Prophet Joseph Smith had received over 60 revelations. But only a few of his revelations were available to read. Most people didn’t have access to them.

Joseph knew the revelations would strengthen members and help missionaries preach the gospel.

At a council of elders, they discussed printing Joseph’s revelations to make them widely available.

“Brethren, we should print the revelations so our people can have the words of the Lord.”

The elders debated for hours, but finally agreed to publish 10,000 copies.

Joseph wanted the elders to testify that the revelations they were publishing came from God.

“Will you testify?”

But some of them wondered if the revelations really did come from God.

“Well …”

“I want to, Joseph, but …”

Joseph received another revelation.

Choose the wisest among you to write a revelation. If it is as good as what Joseph wrote, then you can say his are not true. But if you can’t, you will be condemned if you do not bear record that they are true.

William McClellin tried to write one.

They all recognized that what William wrote was not from the Lord.

Several of the men signed a testimony that the revelations had been given to the Prophet by the inspiration of God.