Fun Stop

“Fun Stop,” For the Strength of Youth, June 2021, 28–29.

Fun Stop

Youth Magazine, Global 2021/06 Jun

Symbol Search

Submitted by John P., 13, Utah, USA

Puzzle time! The object of this game is to fill out each square with only one symbol. Select a symbol from those found in the corresponding outside column and row. Use those symbols to fill in the inside boxes.


  • Fill in each square with one symbol.

  • Each square may have a symbol only from the intersecting column or row.

  • If more than one symbol seems possible in a square, use the one that hasn’t been used in that row or column yet.

  • A symbol may be repeated in a row or column.

    For example, the square where row H and column C intersect must have a symbol from the boxes outside of row H and column C. Note: because they have only one symbol in common, it must go in that square.

  • Watch for the squares connected by diagonal arrows! The symbols in these squares must also match those in the outside corner.

A Fictional Story of a Riddle Seed

Once there was a bishop who met with three men: Brother A, Brother B, and Brother C. Several months before, he had given them each a seed. He had asked them to plant it and tend it to see who could grow the best plant. The winner would receive an award. Today was the day to see their plants.

Brother A and Brother B showed him their thriving, flowering plants. Brother C showed him a pot full of dirt and nothing else, saying he couldn’t get it to grow. The bishop told Brother A and Brother B that he was disappointed in them. He told Brother C that he had won and would receive an important assignment. Why did the bishop react this way?


Man and Women

David! It’s Saturday! Church isn’t till tomorrow!

I know! I just want to figure out this necktie by then!

Ryan Stoker

Kangaroo Pogo

Why’d you even get him that thing?!

Val Chadwick Bagley


Symbol Search: (See image.)

A Fictional Story of a Riddle Seed: He had given them seeds that had been baked so that they were dead and wouldn’t grow. It was a test of their honesty.