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“Connect,” For the Strength of Youth, June 2021, inside front cover.


Ammon S.

13, Jamaica

Jamaica Youth: Young Man on Scooter

Photograph by Christina Smith

I am a footballer [soccer player]. At football practice, my coach has us do lots of endurance tests and exercises. I feel good when I set goals and reach them.

I made a spiritual goal to stay awake when I say my prayers at night. I used to lie down in my bed while I prayed, but now I sit up or kneel down. I also try to change up what I say in my prayer and not just repeat the same things. This new goal has helped me feel better at night because I actually complete the prayers!

My neighborhood is very loud, so it can be hard to hear the voice of the Spirit. I sometimes feel like I can feel the Holy Ghost only when I’m at the pulpit giving a talk, passing the sacrament, or praying at night. My parents set good examples in our home, though, by holding family scripture study often and putting up pictures of Jesus Christ and of the Book of Mormon in our kitchen. Every time I see those pictures, I’m reminded of prayer and scripture study, and those things help me to feel the Holy Ghost also.