Worth the Work

“Worth the Work,” Friend, October 2022, 30

Friend to Friend

Worth the Work

From an interview with Richard M. Romney.

Friend to Friend / Elder Kyungu

There was a time in my childhood that my parents didn’t have money to pay for my schooling, so I stopped going to class.

A year later, my father said I could go back to school if we made enough money from our farm. We all worked hard. After two years of effort, we made enough money so I could go to school again.

This taught me that education is worth working for. School is important. When you are in school, you should work hard and learn all you can.

Years later, I joined the Church. I learned that the Lord also teaches us that education is important. The scriptures teach that we can take whatever we learn in this life with us into eternity (see Doctrine and Covenants 130:18–19).

I am grateful that I learned to work hard to get my education. I pray that each one of you will get all the education you can. Then you can use your knowledge to help others.

Illustration by Shellene Rodney