Scripture Hero Cards

“Scripture Hero Cards,” Friend, October 2022, 11

Scripture Hero Cards

Cut out the cards, fold on the dotted line, and tape them closed.


Old Testament Scripture Cards: Abigail and David

“A woman of good understanding.”

  • She was smart and righteous. But her husband was foolish and wicked.

  • A warrior named David asked her husband for food. Her husband refused. David was angry.

  • She sent food to David so he wouldn’t hurt her husband. She saved many lives.


Old Testament Scripture Cards: Ezra and the Book of the Law

“[He sought] the law of the Lord.”

  • He was a scribe. He took care of the scriptures.

  • He read and explained the scriptures to the people so they could understand.

  • He was a great teacher. He helped many people learn the gospel.

Friend Magazine, 2022/10 Oct

Illustrations by Alona Millgram