Gathering Heavenly Father’s Children

“Gathering Heavenly Father’s Children,” Friend, October 2022, 2–3

From the First Presidency

Gathering Heavenly Father’s Children

Adapted from “Gathering the Family of God,” Liahona, May 2017, 19–22.

Family History and Temple Work

Before we were born, we all lived with Heavenly Father. He loves us with a perfect love, and we are all brothers and sisters. Heavenly Father created a plan to help us grow and become like Him. He sent Jesus Christ to help us come back to Him.

But most of Heavenly Father’s children don’t know about His plan. They don’t know about Jesus Christ. They don’t know they can be baptized or sealed to their families.

Heavenly Father wants us to help gather His children so they can come home to Him. And you can help, starting with your ancestors.

Heavenly Father will thank you for helping gather His family.

Here are some ways you can help gather Heavenly Father’s family:

Friend Magazine, 2022/10 Oct
  • Research your family history. Find people who still need temple ordinances, like baptism and sealing.

  • Get a temple recommend when you are old enough.

  • When you can, do temple baptisms.

Gathering Your Ancestors

How can you help your ancestors?

Illustrations by Josh Talbot