Being Brave

“Being Brave,” Friend, October 2022, 46–47

Being Brave

Being Brave

Today was the Primary program, and Brayden was nervous. He had practiced and practiced his part. But he was scared to talk in front of so many people.

“I don’t want to go to church today!” Brayden said. “It’s too scary to say my part.”

Mom gave him a big hug. “I know it can be scary to talk in church. But you have practiced a lot. I know you can do it.”

“Should we say a prayer?” Dad asked. “We can ask Heavenly Father to help you be brave.”

Brayden nodded.

Mom, Dad, and Brayden knelt down and folded their arms.

“Dear Heavenly Father,” Mom prayed, “please help Brayden be brave. Help him to be able to say his part.”

After the prayer, Brayden got into the car, and they all drove to church.

Brayden was scared as he sat on the stand with the other kids. But he remembered the prayer. It helped him feel a little better.

Soon it was Brayden’s turn to talk. He looked out at the people smiling up at him. There were Mom and Dad! He took a deep breath. Then he said his part loud and clear. He even remembered all the words.

Being Brave

“You did such a good job,” Mom said after church. “It looks like our prayer was answered.”

Brayden smiled. “Heavenly Father helped me!”

They walked back to the car together. “How did you feel inside?” Dad asked.

“I was still scared, but it was OK,” Brayden said. “And I felt good after I said my part.”

“Do you know what that good feeling was?” asked Mom.

Brayden thought for a moment. “I think it was the Holy Ghost.”

“I think so too,” Mom said. “And even though you were scared, the Holy Ghost helped you be brave.”

Friend Magazine, 2022/10 Oct

Illustrations by Adam Howling