Dear Friends
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“Dear Friends,” Friend, April 2021

Dear Friends,

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/04 Apr

Look around you. People’s eyes, hair, and skin are all different colors. Their brains and bodies work differently, and they are different sizes and shapes. And, as President Nelson teaches, “We are all brothers and sisters, each one a child of a loving Father in Heaven.” Read the prophet’s message on page 2. Then look for how the children in this issue are different and special!

With love,

The Friend

P.S. Write and tell us how you respect and include others!


Where We Read the Friend

We like to read the magazine before going to sleep. The true stories are inspiring, and the games are fun! We like to read about other children and want them to see that we read the Friend in Dutch.

Yali and Mayra N., ages 8 and 10, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean

Russian Girl

I Love to See the Temple

Milana B., age 5, visited the Seoul Korea Temple!


My Growing Faith

We had fun making our books on faith (July 2020)!

Alexander and Emilio C., ages 2 and 4, Puebla, Mexico