Show and Tell

“Show and Tell,” Friend, April 2021

Show and Tell

Young Girl Portrait

My favorite scripture story is about Nephi. It reminds me to obey Heavenly Father’s commandments because no matter what problem I may have, I know He will always help me. It also teaches me that when I make a mistake, I can be forgiven.

Noëlly S., age 8, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

President Russell Nelson/ Young Boy

I love to learn from the prophets. I know that President Russell M. Nelson is the prophet chosen by God.

Eduardo V., age 8, Managua, Nicaragua


My parents got divorced. I prayed for comfort and was filled with warm thoughts.

Aika C., age 7, Idaho, USA

Young Boy

I know when I listen to the Holy Ghost, it helps me stay safe.

Wesley S., age 11, Virginia, USA


The coronavirus made me feel sad. I drew a picture of everyone fasting and praying around the world, and it made me happy.

Scotty J., age 7, South Carolina, USA

Baptism day

After I was baptized by my dad, I felt like a brand-new person.

Haylee T., age 8, Queensland, Australia

Young boy

I follow Jesus Christ by helping my family.

Seth A., age 10, Rizal, Philippines


“Jesus loves everyone,” Jewel J., age 8, Tennessee, USA

Salt Lake Temple drawing / Young Boy

Noah O., age 11, Colorado, USA


Joseph, Elijah, Noah, and Daniel T., ages 9, 5, 3, and 7, Cheshire, England

First Vision

Dalma E., age 6, Santa Fe, Argentina


“I hope they call me on a mission,” Samantha F., age 10, New South Wales, Australia

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/04 Apr