Scripture Time Fun
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“Scripture Time Fun,” Friend, April 2021

Come, Follow Me

Scripture Time Fun

These ideas go along with Come, Follow Me—for Individuals and Families each week.

Art Project

Celebrate Jesus Christ

For Easter

  • Sing “Jesus Has Risen” (Children’s Songbook, 70).

  • Share your favorite scriptures or stories about Jesus. Then flip through old Church magazines and cut out pictures of Him. Glue or tape the pictures together on a paper or poster to make a collage.

  • You can find more Easter stories and activities in the March 2021 Friend.


Missionary Mail

For Doctrine and Covenants 30–36

  • Sing “I Want to Be a Missionary Now” (Children’s Songbook, 168).

  • After Jesus Christ’s Church was restored, God called missionaries to go and teach more people about it. You can read about some of the first missionaries on page 42.

  • Write letters or draw pictures to send to the missionaries! You could give them to the missionaries serving in your area or send them to a missionary serving somewhere else. Talk about ways you can share the gospel too.


Working Together

For Doctrine and Covenants 37–40

  • Sing “Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel” (Hymns, no. 252).

  • Jesus taught us to “be one” (Doctrine and Covenants 38:27). That means working together with the people around us to accomplish the same goal.

  • Choose a partner and stand next to each other, shoulder to shoulder. Use a scarf or rope to gently tie your ankle to your partner’s. Work together to practice walking. How fast can you get safely from one place to another?


Secret Service Challenge

For Doctrine and Covenants 41–44

  • Sing “Jesus Said Love Everyone” (Children’s Songbook, 61).

  • Jesus taught that we should “live together in love” (Doctrine and Covenants 42:45).

  • Write the names of each person in your family on pieces of paper. Then have each person pick a name. Make sure it’s not your own name, and don’t let anyone else see who you picked! Throughout the week, try extra hard to serve and show love to that person.

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/04 Apr

Illustrations by Katy Dockrill