Maddy’s Courage

“Maddy’s Courage,” Friend, August 2020

Maddy’s Courage

The author lives in Utah, USA.

Friend Magazine, 2020/08 Aug

Illustrations by Belinda Drought

“I don’t want to go to school!” Maddy cried. “I’ll miss you! And I’m scared.”

Mommy hugged Maddy. “I’ll miss you too. But school is important. It helps you learn and grow.”

Maddy was sad. She wanted to stay home forever.

“Sometimes life takes courage. That means we have to be brave and do hard things,” Mommy said.

“What do you mean?” Maddy asked.

“Well, think about some of your favorite scripture stories,” Mommy said. “I bet Daniel was afraid of the lions. But Heavenly Father helped him.”

Maddy nodded. She liked that story!

“Or Esther,” Mommy said. “I bet she was scared to talk to the king. But she was still brave.”

Maddy knew that story too! She helped Mommy name some other people in the scriptures who showed courage.

Joseph Smith told the truth even when people didn’t believe him. Nephi followed Jesus even when it was hard.

“You don’t have to sail across an ocean like Nephi did,” Mommy said. “But you do have to go to school. And just like Heavenly Father helped all of those people, He will help you too.”

Maddy wiped her eyes. She wasn’t crying anymore.

“Maybe we can color a picture together to help you remember you can be brave,” Mommy said. “Then you could take it with you to school.”

Maddy liked that idea! She still felt a little scared. But she knew Heavenly Father could help her be brave, just like he had helped Daniel, Esther, and Nephi.