Friends by Mail

“Friends by Mail,” Friend, August 2020

Friends by Mail

Friend Magazine, 2020/08 Aug

Blindfold Path

I used the ideas from “My Family Night Fun” (Jan. 2020) and enjoyed attaching string across the room as an iron rod and learning about Lehi’s dream.

Temani E., age 10, Lancashire, England

Moving On

I have been thinking about how I am getting older and will soon be reading the New Era. I have had such a good experience with the Friend.

Thomas K., age 10, Utah, USA

Boats Afloat!

Our family had fun making boats to learn about Nephi (Feb. 2020). We acted out the scripture story of Nephi building a boat and sang “Nephi’s Courage.”

Collin and Mia H., ages 7 and 9, Arizona, USA

Dear Friends,

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to choose the right—especially when a friend asks you to choose something else. On page 10 you can read about a girl who made a choice like that. This month you’ll also learn about Captain Moroni, the army of Helaman, and others who bravely followed Jesus Christ. Write and tell us about how you’re trying to follow Jesus and choose the right!

Stand strong,

The Friend

Standards Search!

Can you find a story about someone deciding only to watch good TV shows?

I found it! Page_______.

Bonus challenge! Memorize this month’s standard:

“I will read, watch, and listen only to things that are pleasing to Heavenly Father” (Children’s Guidebook, 63).