Choosing the Channel

“Choosing the Channel,” Friend, August 2020

Choosing the Channel

The author lives in Utah, USA.

What if Brooke didn’t want to be Camille’s friend anymore?

“God will protect you; then do what is right!” (Hymns, no. 237).

Friend Magazine, 2020/08 Aug

Illustrations by Liz Brizzi

“I saw the funniest show yesterday. You should check it out. Then maybe we could watch it together sometime!” Brooke said.

Camille loved chatting with her best friend while they walked home from school together. She loved how much they had in common.

“Sounds great!” Camille waved goodbye and walked in her front door.

After Camille finished her homework, she turned on the TV and found the right show. It would be so fun to talk about it with Brooke tomorrow!

The show was funny. The characters did silly things and told jokes. Camille laughed a lot. But not everything they said was funny. They said some words that made Camille feel like there were frogs hopping in her stomach. They weren’t good words.

What should I do? she wondered. Camille knew these words were not nice. But she wanted to know how the show ended. What would she say if Brooke asked her about it tomorrow?

With a sigh, Camille turned off the TV.

After Mom got home, Camille helped her set the table for dinner. “How was school?” Mom asked.

Camille put out the forks and spoons. “It was really good! Except … Brooke told me about a show to watch. I started watching it, but it had bad words in it. I didn’t feel good about it, so I turned it off.”

“It sounds like you made a very good choice.”

“But Brooke wants to watch it together. We’re best friends! We like the same music, the same ice cream, the same books …”

Mom set a dish of pasta on the table. “True, but that doesn’t mean you have to do all of the same things. Especially if it’s something you don’t feel good about. It’s OK to make different choices than a friend does.”

“What do you mean?” Camille asked.

“Well, we choose to avoid bad words so that we can feel the Holy Ghost,” Mom explained. “But not everyone has the same standards as we do. That doesn’t make them bad people.”

Camille was still worried about what would happen when Brooke asked her about the show. They talked about everything! What if Brooke thought she was being a baby? Or worse, what if she didn’t want to be friends anymore?

Camille said a prayer before going to sleep. Heavenly Father, please help me talk to Brooke tomorrow. Please help me be brave. Camille climbed into bed and hoped that things would be OK at school.

“Camille!” Brooke yelled across the playground. She ran through the grass to meet Camille. “What’d you think of the show? Wasn’t it funny?”

Camille took a deep breath. “I actually didn’t watch much of it.”

Brooke looked confused. “Why not?”

Camille thought for a second. Should she just say she’d been busy? What was Brooke going to say? “Well … I didn’t watch it because they said words I didn’t like. I didn’t feel good watching it.”

“Oh,” Brooke said quietly. Then she said, “That’s OK. We don’t have to watch it together. We can find a show we both like or do something else together.”

“OK.” Camille smiled. Then the two friends walked to class together, talking and laughing the whole time.